Fibreglass: What it is and what it’s used for


fibreglass in construction

Fibreglass: All you Need to Know

Fibreglass, also known as glass fibre, is a plastic material that is reinforced and embedded with glass fibres that lay across one another to make the material stronger.

It is often combined with a resin to form a strong and durable composite material.

Its original form is usually a flat sheet called a strand mat, but it can also be woven into a fabric.

It is sold like this, as a lightweight raw material which is then used and applied in a number of manufacturing and construction industries.

Fibreglass is much more affordable than carbon fibre, it’s flexible and can be moulded into anything – which it is such a desirable material for several industries.

Main uses for fibreglass:


This is the most common use for fibreglass. It is used for insulation, flat roofing and house building. More about fibreglass in construction.

Within housing industries, fibreglass is used to manufacture cold water tanks, bathroom utilities like showers and baths, as well as septic tanks too.

2. Transport

A lot of car body parts and panels are made from fibreglass, as well as internal parts of airplanes such as seats and luggage racks.

Fibreglass is also a common material used for boat, kayak and surfboard repairs due to its lightweight and waterproof qualities.

Watch the video to find out more. 

3. Technology

From your phone and phone case, through to circuit boards, video game hardware and headphones, fibreglass is the main material.

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4. Leisure

Fibreglass is very smooth, and mouldable to any shape, which makes it a perfect material for playground amusements and rollercoasters, and many children’s toys too!

There are so many uses for fibreglass, and many companies will be able to mould the material for any purpose you need!

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Using Fibreglass for Roofing

GRP Roofing is a lightweight, single-ply membrane, and it will last up to 20 years. The long-lasting fibreglass means that your roof will be low maintenance, weather and water-proof.