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Fibreglass: What it is and what it’s used for

  Fibreglass: All you Need to Know Fibreglass, also known as glass fibre, is a plastic material that is reinforced and embedded with glass fibres that lay across one another to make the material stronger. It is often combined with a resin to form a strong and durable composite material. Its original form is usually […]

Interior House Painting and Decorating Tips

Finding a quality decorator Finding the right painter can be a real problem. There are many things you have to consider Will the decorator treat your home with respect and provide the quality of work you require? What materials will they use? What if you’re not satisfied with the work? You want a painter that […]

Designing Offices

The Modern Office The BBC has recently put out an article on how the modern office was invented http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23372401. I suspect the evolution of business practices and modern technology had a part to play in how the modern office looks. I recently visited our accountant and on entering his office it instantly reminded me of the […]

Preparation for professional carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an extremely important element of the domestic cleaning process. In the following article, we will give you three reasons why this is true. Take a look at our carpeting services. Top Reasons to get Your Carpet Cleaned First of all, the floor on which the carpet is laid is one of the […]

Damaged roof? Get it repaired ASAP

Local roofers are in for a bumper spring season after the harsh winter weather took its toll on the city’s homes. High winds, driving rain and cold snaps left many homes badly affected, with roofs always particularly at risk from the elements. Local roofing contractors are being inundated with calls from concerned residents looking to […]

Tips to Improving Your Home or shop

Read our top tips on improving the home. This makes it much easier to choose which type of flooring is suited to certain rooms. Buy your flooring. The outside of your retail property The door is a customer’s first impression of your business, shop or hotel. It has been estimated that shops with automatic doors […]

Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring usually means hardwood flooring. It can be solid flooring or laminate, and both are extremely hard wearing and durable. Wood flooring has one huge advantage over other kind of flooring; it will always be in style, whatever the fashion. Natural wood flooring has a built in timelessness that never dies

Our most exciting & recent projects

At Carpet Museum, we have helped a number of people choose the right carpet for their home, caravan, and offices. Many of our members provide useful opinions and reviews to ensure that we only use the very best quality carpets. Recent Project One of our well known members of Carpet Museum has recently refurbished their […]

Our Carpeting Services

| Ablingdon | Victoria | Cormar | Furlong Come to Wyre Forest The town’s location in the centre of the country coupled with the expanding canal systems helped to rapidly develop and expand the industry and the town. Over the following years new weaves were introduced as the masters invested in the latest technology. This […]