At CM we have helped a number of people choose the right carpet for their home, caravan , and offices. Many of our members provide useful opinions and reviews to ensure that we only use the very best quality carpets.

Recent Project

One of our well known members of the carpet heritage trust has recently refurbished their caravan, with much help from our other members we assisted them in using a carpet that was high in quality and practical.

As part of the project we also spoke is an upholstery company that helped with the caravan refurbishment and gave their professional opinion on the materials and carpet that we wanted to use.

We are specialist in a number of areas of carpet;

Cotton Fibre – A unicellular, natural fibre composed of cellulose. The fibres clothe the seeds of an erect, freely branching tropical plant (cotton plant). In carpet, its use is primarily for wrap yarns in woven carpet. Today, it is seldom used as a face fibre, other than in rugs.

Differential Dyeing Fibres – Fibres of the same generic type, either natural or man-made, treated or modified so that their affinity for certain dyes becomes changed, thus creating a multicoloured effect when dyed.

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